Good news: we now know that environmental factors are 90% of the risk for autoimmune disorders. The major categories are Stress, Diet / Nutrient Deficiencies, Toxins, Infections, and a Leaky Gut / Dysbiosis. This post is the first in a series, covering the #1 trigger: Stress.
"Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right." -- Henry Ford
Getting a good night's sleep is paramount for people with autoimmune conditions. Sleep experts and autoimmune experts alike say 7 - 10 hours is not indulgent; it's necessary.
Autoimmune disorders and depression go hand in hand. Before you reach for an anti-depressant or sleeping pill (which can trigger autoimmune conditions), we recommend you get the data on 10 possible root causes. Meantime, try any of the 10 DIY science-based strategies to feel better fast.
Healing from autoimmune disorders is a WHOLE-istic journey, involving mind, body and spirit. Healing is possible, but it won't come in a pill. Let us help you break it down, so you can get going, one step at a time.
If stress is what we feel when we perceive the demands on us exceed our ability to cope, then we need to reduce the perceived demands and increase our ability to cope. Healing happens in the relaxation response.
The holidays can be a source of stress and sadness for many. Good news, here are eight free, easy and scientifically-proven strategies to lift your spirits.
Getting into nature helps us actively engage the relaxation response, which is the healing state needed to beat autoimmune.
Healing from autoimmune disorders can seem overwhelming. We make it easier by breaking it down into baby steps. You can eliminate all your toxic triggers and add loads of nourishing foods; but until and unless you address and resolve deep emotional pain, your healing will not be complete.
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