Palmer Interviews Michelle Corey, author of the Thyroid Cure


Autoimmune reversal and prevention advocate and Beat Autoimmune founder Palmer Kippola interviews Michelle Corey, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and author of The Thyroid Cure — The Functional Mind-Body Approach to Reversing Your Autoimmune Condition and Reclaiming Your Health! Michelle reversed her Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and lupus by removing her “splinters” and addressing her whole life head on.

The bottom line: While conventional medicine may not be able to cure your autoimmune condition, you can heal yourself. Michelle did and has helped hundreds of women. Michelle’s recommended first steps:

1) Realize you can heal your life and your body;

2) Take your health into your own hands;

3) Find a practitioner — or a team — that believes in and supports your body’s natural ability to heal.

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