“How I Reversed Multiple Sclerosis” is a presentation by Palmer Kippola that took place at the Silicon Valley Health Institute on December 15, 2016.

I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS) at 19, and for 26 years suffered the on-again/off-again awful symptoms of numbness, tingling, optic neuritis and profound fatigue. Six neurologists told me “there’s nothing you can do” – except take medication and prepare for my life in a wheelchair. Turns out there’s a lot I could do!

I did more than a dozen experiments including various diets, supplements, toxin removal, stress reduction techniques, and gut healing. Finally, in 2010 I found and removed my lynchpin root cause and have not only been symptom-free ever since, a blood test shows that my antibody levels to myelin sheath and other neurological tissues are all in the normal range, and a recent MRI shows that lesions have faded or disappeared, meaning, I no longer have MS.

I’ll always have the genes for MS, but I can mostly control whether those genes get expressed based on what I eat, drink, think and do. 

I quit my job as an executive in the information technology industry to study how it’s possible to reverse and prevent autoimmune conditions. My studies have included epigenetics, Functional Medicine, stress reduction, energy medicine, and Functional Medicine health coaching. In the first half of this talk I describe what I did to heal the MS; and in the second half, I share what I’ve learned to help others.

Key points:

  • Having a strong support system of family and friends was essential.
  • The biggest gift given to me was a question: Why do you think you got this disease?
  • Believing I could heal was paramount even though numerous doctors said, “There’s nothing you can do.”
  • Being curious and determined gave me the resilience to continue with experiments.
  • Paying attention to and investigating GI symptoms held the key to my recovery.
  • The power of epigenetics gives us way more control over our health outcomes than we ever imagined possible.
  • Groundbreaking research offers an exciting autoimmune reversal and prevention equation.
  • Discovering the 6 major autoimmune root cause categories helps simplify healing: Food, Infections, Gut health, Hormone balance, Toxins and Stress (FIGHTS™).
  • Science snippets and short stories illustrate the healing power of addressing FIGHTS.™


Take good care!

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