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Adrian Klaphaak – Find Your Path That Fits

Adrian Klaphaak is a holistic career coach who helps people find alignment, purpose, and meaningful careers and can help you become more authentically YOU.

Cynthia Li, MD Beat Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto’s, and POTS

Cynthia Li, MD is a conventionally trained doc whose own autoimmune healing journey expanded her to root cause medicine and beyond.

Holly Ladd Beat Scleroderma and Became a Health Coach

When Holly experienced symptoms of skin hardening, pain, and stiffness, she pursued a root cause resolution path and completely healed.

Hillery Nye Beat Lupus, Sjogren’s, Hashimoto’s, and More and Discovered a Passion for Cooking

Hillery beat lupus, Sjogren’s, Hashimoto’s with the help of her dogs and a book and developed a passion for cooking.

Gut Healing to Beat Autoimmune with Sangita Pedro, ND

Sangita Pedro, ND is an expert in helping people resolve autoimmune root causes and heal their guts so they can heal and thrive again.

My 10 Essential Holiday Stress Melters

The holidays can be a source of stress and sadness for many. Good news, here are eight free, easy and scientifically-proven strategies to lift your spirits any time of year.

How Gratitude Helps Healing with Holly Bertone

Holly beat both breast cancer and Hashimoto’s. Now she helps women unwrap resilience using a proven method to build fortitude with gratitude.

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald on How to Breathe Properly

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald teaches us how to breathe properly so we can oxygenate our cells, calm ourselves, heal, and thrive.

Get Good Sleep to Beat Autoimmune

Poor sleep is a hallmark of autoimmune disorders. Restorative sleep is imperative for optimal immune system functioning. Learn simple science-based strategies to get good sleep.

Mary Miller Brooks, M.Ed. Nutrition – Sleep Well Naturally

Mary Brooks had thyroid cancer and an addiction to sleeping pills. We discuss her healing journey and how to sleep well naturally.
Food Bowl

What's the best diet to beat autoimmune? The one that works for YOU.

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