Dr. Kyrin Dunston on Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Chronic Fatigue, and Hormone Balance

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About Kyrin Dunston, MD

In this episode, I sit down with Kyrin Duston, board-certified OBGYN who practiced clinical obstetrics and gynecology for 20 years until she suffered from her own midlife chronic health challenges including painful fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, IBS, obesity, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Kyrin discovered and implemented root cause medicine approaches and healed. Today Dr. Kyrin helps women in midlife resolve their own hormone imbalances through her Midlife Metabolism Institute and The Hormone Club. She also has a podcast called “Her Brilliant Health Radio” where she aims to deliver exceptional wellness insight for women.

We discuss the difference between conventional and Functional Medicine, why it’s necessary to treat autoimmune conditions at the root cause level, critical lifestyle shifts you can start making today, and so much more.

If you’re struggling to find answers to your hormone concerns, you will leave this listening feeling hopeful and inspired with tangible action steps you can take right away.


You deserve to have brilliant health. It is your birthright.”

What's Inside:

01:40  Kyrin’s story from what appeared to be a successful and healthy MD to making that a reality as a practicing Functional Medicine doctor 

14:36  The difference between conventional and Functional Medicine, and knowing when the right time and right place is for each

17:30  An example of how conventional versus Functional Medicine approaches treating diabetes

30:14  Autoimmune symptoms to keep an eye out for and what steps to take 

42:00  Why your health is your biggest investment, and how the system and our conditioning is working against us

48:50  What labs you should consider starting with when wanting to get to the root of your symptoms

53:57  Crucial lifestyle shifts you can begin immediately to feel better

1:07:24  When is it appropriate to add bioidentical hormones in, and recommended hormone tests

1:11:40  Final words of encouragement from Kyrin

Resources Mentioned:

Kyrin’s Midlife Metabolism Institute

Kyrin’s Company: Your Brilliant Health

Connect on Instagram: @kyrindunstonmd

Free Resource: Take the Hormone Poverty Quiz

Want my help reversing an autoimmune condition?

If you live in the continental U.S. and are committed and determined to be well, I offer Functional Medicine Total Health Transformation Programs over Zoom in collaboration with a skilled naturopathic doctor (ND). Get on my calendar for a free 30-minute discovery and clarity call.




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