Who’s Healing Whom?

It’s not your doctor who is going to heal you. You are going to heal you. More specifically, it’s your immune system that is going to heal you.

Receiving a diagnosis of autoimmune disease can be distressing, frustrating, and confusing. Just getting an accurate diagnosis can be a major project, often requiring a huge investment of time, money and emotions. You see multiple doctors and specialists, searching for answers, all the while knowing that something has gone wrong with your body.

Then you finally get a label, one of over a hundred autoimmune conditions. Perhaps yours is multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, or a combination of disorders. Conventional treatment for most autoimmune conditions is limited to drugs that shut down your overactive immune system or calm rampant inflammation.

If you’re like most people, you follow your doctor’s advice and take the medication. If you experience “side effects,” your doctor may suggest other drugs to address them. By this time, you may feel like a victim of your circumstances and a pincushion from needles or a zombie from the fog of medications. And, ironically, your autoimmune condition may get even worse from all those medicines. Drugs, after all, are among the top root causes of autoimmune disease.1

“But wait,” you insist, “my doctor wouldn’t want to hurt me!”

You’re right; your doctor is not actively seeking to harm you. S/he did, after all, take an oath to “First, do no harm.” The issue is not one of bad intentions. And it’s not that your doctor doesn’t care. It’s that your doctor doesn’t have the information you need about true healing – as in why you have the condition(s) you have and what you can do now to reverse it.

Most Western medical education focuses on diagnosing illnesses and prescribing drugs that temporarily address your symptoms. Your doctor might prescribe a steroid or pain killer for muscle or joint pain, and that may give you relief for a few hours. But that short-term relief doesn’t do anything about what’s causing the pain, so the pain comes back, and the condition may get worse with time. Without understanding and addressing the root cause(s) of your condition, you can’t get to healing.

Western medical education provides almost no training on getting to the root causes of illness, or how different systems of the body interact. Western doctors receive only a few hours of nutrition training, if any.

“OK,” you say, exasperated, “If my doctor doesn’t have the answers, then what do I do?!

It’s not your doctor who is going to heal you. You are going to heal you. More specifically, it’s your immune system that is going to heal you.*

*Repeated for emphasis

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Take good care!

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Environmental Triggers and Epigenetic Deregulation in Autoimmune Disease; Biola M. Javierre, et al, Discovery Medicine, December, 2011. Reference




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