Why We’re Optimizing Our Food in Beat Autoimmune Academy

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Just how important is food in healing autoimmune conditions?

It turns out that people often heal from autoimmune conditions 60% – 100% just by removing their trigger foods. And it so happens that when you eat the wrong foods, you actually block your immune system from functioning optimally, leaving you more vulnerable to COVID-19 and its potentially devastating outcomes.

How could something so ordinary, so ubiquitous, so simple and so basic be a cause (or remedy) for such drastic and debilitating conditions? If this seems counterintuitive to you, you are not alone. I had no idea that my “pretty healthy” diet, low in fat, and high in whole grains, was a major contributing factor in my developing MS decades ago. But our “daily bread,” so to speak, can be the cause of our debilitating autoimmune conditions—and, conversely, the very remedy our bodies need to heal.

To unburden your immune system, you must eliminate your personal trigger foods, at least temporarily.

When you eat foods that harm your gut and interfere with your immune system, about 75% of which resides in your gut, you unknowingly set yourself up for the pain and ongoing misery of autoimmunity. That’s when you become more vulnerable to other infectious threats, like COVID-19.

Good news: Food is the highest leverage category, meaning people often heal from autoimmune conditions 60 – 80% of the way, and sometimes 100% of the way just by removing their trigger foods.

When you free your immune system from fighting your foods, your immune system can get back to essential work like fighting dangerous infections and repairing damaged tissues.

For anyone determined to beat an autoimmune condition and stave off devastating effects of COVID, I am leading a committed group of health seekers toward optimal health and wellbeing right now in Beat Autoimmune Academy membership (BAAM). Starting Monday, March 1 we will optimize our food, together. 

What You Can Do: Detect, Remove, Repair

It’s a transformational online program and caring, global community of people who are taking their health into their own hands, defying doctors’ diagnoses, shedding symptoms and labels, and bouncing back better than before.

I know that times are tough for many during this prolonged pandemic; so for this week only, we’re offering special 40%-off pricing. Just copy the coupon code foodannual or foodmonthly and paste into the coupon area for either the annual or monthly option at checkout.

You don’t have to do healing alone. There is no better time than right now for healing and thriving in a supportive online community. You can do it, I can help, and the supportive community will cheer you all the way.

We hope to see you soon!

p.s. Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Beat Autoimmune Academy members have to say:

Some of the best money I’ve ever spent!” – Rachel S.

“Honest, heartfelt, reliable information.” – Leslie C.

“I absolutely love this group.” Denise E.

“All the bases covered in bite-sized chunks.” – Tiffany T.

“So many wonderful resources!” – Hope A.

“Very organized, thorough, and easy to follow.” – April S.

“Such a supportive group!” – Brenda H.

p.s.s. What are you waiting for? Copy the coupon code foodannual or foodmonthly and paste into the coupon area for either the annual or monthly option at checkout. Visit Beat Autoimmune Academy to learn more, take advantage of special 40%-off pricing, and get started right away. You’ll find a warm, engaging community of like-minded people who are healing together inside our private Facebook group. 

p.s.s.s. Have questions? Just shoot me an email at palmer@palmerkippola.com.




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