Dr. Nik Hedberg on The Infection-Autoimmune Connection

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Dr. Nik Hedberg, DC DABCI DACBN BCNP is a Functional Medicine expert, board-certified Chiropractic Internist, Nutritionist, Herbal Medicine Fellow, and author of The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet GuideHe is the founder of the Immune Restoration Center in Asheville, NC. 

Dr. Hedberg is an expert in the autoimmune-infection connection and I’ve been looking forward to interviewing him on this topic for a long time. In this interview we discuss why autoimmunity is on the rise; how infections trigger autoimmune conditions; common infections he sees underlying autoimmune disorders; and the hope of clearing infections to beat autoimmune.


“What we believe changes our immune system and how it responds to everything we encounter.”

What's Inside:

01:40 Why is autoimmunity on the rise?

05:40 Big factors: sleep apnea and oral health

06:56 Should you use mouth tape?

08:27 An overview of autoimmunity and clues that you might be moving in that direction

15:27 Never get sick? Is that a good or bad thing?

17:04 The infection-autoimmune connection

22:08 Examples of molecular mimicry

30:57 How are we becoming more friendly hosts to infections?

35:34 The hope: How we can turn the ship around.

48:08 Busting common autoimmune myths


Resources Mentioned:

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