Cynthia Li, MD Beat Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto’s, and POTS

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About Cynthia Li, MD

Cynthia Li, MD, is a doctor and author whose personal healing journey through a disabling autoimmune condition took her from public health in underserved populations to integrative and Functional Medicine. In this interview, Dr. Li shares her own autoimmune healing journey which expanded her beyond her conventional training. I believe her memoir, Brave New Medicine: A Doctor’s Unconventional Path to Healing should be required reading for doctors and anyone who wants to be inspired to pursue a mind-body-spirit healing journey of their own.


“Healing is really getting in touch with your authentic self.”

What's Inside

02:19  Cynthia’s story growing up as a sensitive and introverted child in a first generation Chinese-American, evangelical family

12:01  Cynthia’s first symptoms of dizziness started in middle school

14:45  Symptoms hit the fan when she got pregnant

16:00  The overt beginning of autoimmunity: postpartum thyroiditis

18:30  Baby number two and then a near death experience in Beijing that was the beginning of chronic fatigue syndrome and POTS

21:30  The importance of having support, asking for help, and being open to new ideas and knowledge

28:54  How mind-body-spirit practices like qigong can help release grief from the body

35:34  The Frances Weller grief ritual Cynthia attended

38:00  A simple grief release practice anyone can do

44:03  Cynthia’s memoir, Brave New Medicine

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