Unlocking Wellness: Scott Forsgren’s Comprehensive 11-Step Approach to Lyme & Mold Healing – Part 2

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ABOUT scott forsgren, fdn-p

Scott Forsgren, FDN-P, is a health coach, blogger, podcaster, health writer and advocate. He is the founder of BetterHealthGuy.com, where he shares his 21-year journey through the world of Lyme disease, mold illness, and the myriad of factors that chronic illness often entails. 

On his podcast BetterHealthGuy Blogcast, Scott interviews many of the top leaders in the field of Functional and Integrative Medicine. He is also the co-founder of The Forum for Integrative Medicine which hosts an annual conference and brings together some of the top integrative practitioners to share practical tools for treating complex, chronic illness. 

In this episode, Scott walks us through his 11-step approach to healing from Lyme and mold illness.

This is Part 2 so if you haven’t see/heard click HERE for Part 1.


“Don’t ever give up. There is so much changing in our understanding of these conditions, in the solutions that are emerging. I’m seeing more happen in the last few years than I have maybe in the prior twenty.”

What's Inside:

00:45   Step 6: Stabilize Mast Cells, Reduce Inflammation, and Modulate the Immune System 

06:59   Step 7: Optimize Hydration, Nutrition, Microbiome, and Gut Health 

11:40   How to use Shungite Stone for structuring your water 

12:38   Step 8: Support Mitochondria, Adrenals, KPU and Coagulation

17:17   Step 9: Address Microbial Overgrowth

30:19   Step 10: Consider Dental Contributors

37:35   Step 11: Support Regeneration and Restoration

44:50   Lyme resources, ways to support, and a final message of hope from Scott

Resources Mentioned:

Scott’s website: https://www.betterhealthguy.com/

Dr. Raj Patel and Dr. Thalia Hale’s Low Histamine Diet List

Scott interviews me on BetterHealthGuyBlogcast: Palmer Kippola Beat Autoimmune 

Instagram: @betterhealthguy

Receive or Give Support for Lyme: https://lymelightfoundation.org 

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