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How Gratitude Helps Healing with Holly Bertone

Holly beat both breast cancer and Hashimoto’s. Now she helps women unwrap resilience using a proven method to build fortitude with gratitude.

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald on How to Breathe Properly

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald teaches us how to breathe properly so we can oxygenate our cells, calm ourselves, heal, and thrive.

Mary Miller Brooks, M.Ed. Nutrition – Sleep Well Naturally

Mary Brooks had thyroid cancer and an addiction to sleeping pills. We discuss her healing journey and how to sleep well naturally.

Dr. Nik Hedberg on The Infection-Autoimmune Connection

Dr. Hedberg discusses the important connections between infections and autoimmune disorders. Don't overlook this big root cause.

Linda Clark, MA, CNC – Empower Yourself with the Elimination Diet

Linda shares her personal experience of reversing multiple autoimmune disorders with the elimination diet. And how you can heal with food.

Jill Carnahan, MD – Healing from Cancer, Autoimmunity, and Mold Illness

We discuss Dr. Jill’s healing journeys from multiple health challenges including cancer, Crohn’s, celiac, Hashimoto’s, and mold illness.

Antony Haynes – Dynamic Muscle Training for Health and Longevity

Antony Haynes and I discuss counteracting sarcopenia with strength training, protein, and daily habits for a long, healthy life.

Mindy Pelz, DC – Menopause Reset

Dr. Mindy Pelz overcame both chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and awful menopause symptoms naturally. Now she helps others do the same.

How Gratitude Helps Healing with Holly Bertone

Holly Bertone beat both breast cancer and Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Now she's an evangelist for gratitude as a proven healing tool.

Take Five to Relax and Ease Autoimmune

Life is hard and none of us escapes traumatic events. Finding calm in the midst of the mess is not a luxury; it's essential for healing.
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