Top 9 Reasons Why You May Not Be Healing Fully – And How You CAN

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin, Author & Activist If you have been trying for any length of time to heal from an autoimmune disorder (or more than one!) you may reach a point where your healing has stalled or you […]

Kris Finds Functional Medicine to Prevent Autoimmune

Kris lost both parents to autoimmune disease when they were far too young. She has inherited their genes, but she is choosing a different path — an empowering path called Functional Medicine that allows her to take control of her health by partnering with her doctor and resolving root causes rather than treating symptoms.

How Autoimmunity Changed My Practice of Medicine

Doctor Cynthia Li’s Journey with Autoimmunity Up until my early 30s, I was living life at the fullest: traveling abroad for 6 months with my husband, working full-time in a primary HIV/AIDS clinic, and committed to living more sustainably. I was exercising regularly and eating a diet of mostly organic low-fat foods. The world was […]

You Can Dim Down Autoimmune

While there is little dispute that there is an underlying genetic component to autoimmune conditions, there are many hypotheses that seek to explain their root cause(s) and perpetuation. The “on/off” switches for these genes are at your fingertips.