Find a Root Cause Practitioner

Working with a good holistic practitioner is essential, but finding one can be tough. Good news is that holistic (whole person) and functional medicine (aka root cause medicine) are becoming more mainstream. In fact the Cleveland Clinic has recently added a Center for Functional Medicine. Unfortunately many of these practitioners do not accept insurance. Below are links to organizations that offer a “Find a Practitioner” link.

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    The Institute of Functional Medicine

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    Functional Medicine University

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    American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

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    The American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA)

There are an increasing number of mail order companies that supply organic and wild meats, fish, home and personal care products straight to you or to a community drop-off location:

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    US Wellness Meats

    Find 100 percent grass-fed (never grain finished) beef, lamb, bison, and venison; pasture-raised (soy-free) chicken and duck; fish; and even an autoimmune Paleo-friendly foods section. Note that US Wellness Meats has a minimum seventy-five dollar order. Consider stocking up your freezer or sharing with friends and family:

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    Vital Choice

    A socially conscious supplier of sustainably harvested wild seafood from the Pacific Northwest, Vital Choice provides a 100 percent guarantee on all foods within thirty days of purchase. Note that frozen products must total sixty-five dollars to prevent thawing during shipping:

  • Vitacost


    A non-subscription-based provider of below-retail priced supplements (including the discounted Vitacost brand), organic and non-GMO foods, pantry items and household products. Even offers products for pets and kids:

  • Thrive Market

    Thrive Market

    A yearly membership model, like Costco, for lower cost organic food, home and products. A ding against Thrive is that they don’t share prices until you provide your email address. On the plus side, Thrive donates a membership to a family in need from every membership that is purchased:

  • Azure Standard

    Azure Standard

    Another lower cost option for organic food delivery, Azure drops off organic and non-GMO once a month at a designated drop off location. Compare prices, groceries and convenience with Thrive to see which one is better for your needs:

  • Pharmaca


    A holistic pharmacy that has both brick and mortar stores and online shopping for discounted organic and non-GMO supplements, health and beauty products and cosmetics. Offers free shipping on orders over $35:

Sugar, The Bitter Truth
Sugar, The Bitter Truth
Robert H. Lustig, MD, professor of pediatrics at UCSF, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that too much fructose and not enough fiber appear to be driving high insulin, which is fueling the obesity epidemic.
King Corn
King Corn
An entertaining and eye-opening film by college buddies who follow the food chain from the farm to nearly every product Americans consume today:
Food, Inc
Food, Inc.
An informative, educational and downright disturbing examination of America’s food and agricultural industries:
Food Bowl

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