Susan Blum, MD – Healing Stress and Trauma to Be Well

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ABOUT Dr. Blum

Susan Blum MD, MPH is a pioneering practitioner of Functional Medicine. She has an illuminating personal story of overcoming stress from a traumatic childhood, later parenting 3 kids, and feeling the mismatch of a chosen career in conventional medicine. Dr. Blum hit rock bottom in her 30s when juggling work and family. She was unhappy and blamed her husband and other external factors. Her true healing began when she learned how to meditate, sought therapy, and then discovered the Center for Mind-Body Medicine ( By taking personal responsibility and cultivating moment by moment awareness, Dr. Blum changed her family dynamic, beat Hashimoto’s, and still keeps stress at bay every day. Today Dr. Blum has a thriving practice in Rye Brook, NY. 


“I believe we all have this family of origin stuff that informs us through our lives; and the work is learning more about yourself and undoing some of that.”

What's Inside:

02:26 Dr. Blum’s story – growing up with stress

07:48 Unhappy at 33 and finding meditation and therapy

09:14 Finding the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (

15:36 The “family dance”

18:28 What if you have trouble sitting 

24:39 How to tame the stress reaction

31:03 When does Dr. Blum address stress with her patients

37:22 What Dr. Blum personally does today to address stress

45:00 Dr. Blum’s final words of wisdom

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Blum’s website:

Dr. Blum’s book: Healing Arthritis: Your 3-Step Guide to Conquering Arthritis Naturally

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine:

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