Quest for the Best podcast: You Can Beat Autoimmune Naturally!


    My story has a happy ending because out of this disaster I found an amazing way to create a dream life I never knew existed. — Stu Shaeffer

    Stu Schaeffer is an amazing young man who has overcome many obstacles and dark times, including being in jail at 13, feeling abandoned and “going into a tailspin,” developing anorexia, and being a mediocre student. He summoned massive determination and worked hard to beat the odds. He became valedictorian of his class, earned a full-ride scholarship to college, became a bodybuilder, published a book at 22, started his podcast, Quest for the Best, which showcases experts in many fields who share their success strategies.

    Stu invited me on his show to share how I beat MS and how anyone can reverse autoimmune conditions naturally.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    Here’s my interview with Stu:


    Quest for the Best podcast — Access interviews and transcripts HERE

    What did you resonate with? Do you have questions?

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    Photo by Cata on Unsplash