The Crucial Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Health With Dr. Colin Yoshida, Biological Dentist

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About Colin Yoshida, DDS

Dr. Yoshida holds board certifications in integrative, biological dental medicine and naturopathic medicine. He integrates traditional dentistry with energy medicine for enhanced patient outcomes.

In this episode Dr. Yoshida shares how oral health is directly linked to conditions like heart disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s.

Discover the positive impacts of maintaining good oral hygiene on your general health. As my own trusted dentist, Dr. Yoshida has transformed my dental care experience into a delightful journey.


“Don’t be intimidated. Take things slow, do one thing at a time, but get on the path to cleaning things up and go at your own pace.”

What's Inside

01:50   What is natural, holistic, biological dentistry versus conventional dentistry?

04:45   Dr. Yoshida’s background and what inspired him to make the switch from practicing conventional dentistry to opening his own holistic and natural dental practice.

08:26   The profound links between oral health and overall health

12:25   Cone Beam x-rays aka 3D x-rays and why they’re so important 

13:55   Palmer’s experience with cavitations and why stealthy oral infections were causing chronic health challenges 

15:50   What cavitations are, what are the symptoms, and how many people have them

18:05   Dr. Yoshida’s philosophy and processes when it comes to cavitations, root canals, and mercury removal procedures

31:00   What you can do at home to maintain healthy oral health, and to support and enhance the oral microbiome

38:36   Sleep apnea, mouth tape, and the importance of breathing through your nose 

48:20   Final words of wisdom if you’re feeling overwhelmed about your oral health both psychologically and financially 

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