Jill Carnahan, MD – Healing from Cancer, Autoimmunity, and Mold Illness

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ABOUT jill Carnahan, md

Dr. Jill is a board-certified Integrative Holistic Medicine specialist, known as Your Functional Medicine Expert® and often referred to as “The Sherlock Holmes of Medicine,” for solving medical mysteries. She uses state-of-the-art lab testing and biochemical analysis; she helps patients identify the root causes of their illness by identifying nutritional or metabolic imbalances; and then she uses nutritional protocols, supplements, and lifestyle changes to improve function, always seeking the gentlest way to restore health and optimize function.

In this episode we discuss Dr. Jill’s powerful healing stories from multiple health challenges including breast cancer, Crohn’s, celiac, and Hashimoto’s, and finally, mold illness. Her new book, Unexpected, is part autobiography and part prescriptive wisdom from her many years as both patient and practitioner. I loved it and encourage you to read it too.


“My experiences with illness taught me far more than any medical textbooks about what really happens in our body and how we can cure and overcome illness.”

What's Inside:

01:40 Why Dr. Jill’s book is called Unexpected

03:35 At age 25 while she was in med school, Dr. Jill finds a lump in her breast…

08:00 Whichever decision you make, don’t second guess it or ruminate about what ifs.

10:21 Post chemo during a rotation in the ER, Dr. Jill collapses… and is diagnosed with Crohn’s disease

13:43 Her doctor poo pooed food as medicine, but Dr. Jill found a healing food plan that worked

17:25 What were Dr. Jill’s root causes that filled her toxin bucket?

24:05 As girls we were raised to stuff our emotions

26:04 How Dr. Jill turned this around, and how you can too.

31:15 The fear and the opportunity to get quiet and still

37:06 Mold illness follows flooding in Boulder, CO in 2013

48:56 What is the best way to change your habits?

Resources Mentioned:

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