Hillery Nye Beat Lupus, Sjogren’s, Hashimoto’s, and More and Discovered a Passion for Cooking

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ABOUT hillery nye

Hillery is an intellectual property and technology attorney who serves as General Counsel for technology companies. She has a powerful story of completely reversing lupus, Sjogren’s, Raynaud’s, Hashimoto’s, undifferentiated connective tissue disease, arthritis, depression, insomnia, and more! Like many who develop autoimmune disorders, Hillery experienced lots of early stress, starting in childhood when she helped raise her far younger siblings, dealt with severe parental expectations, and, as often happens, found herself in an abusive, toxic marriage and work situation. It took hitting rock bottom for Hillery to begin the step-by-step journey to vibrant health and true happiness. Hillery healed with the help of her dogs and a book…


“Walking forward is actually walking forward.”

What's Inside:

02:55 Growing up in the 1970s and living next door to an arsenic plant

07:11 How a tense home environment led Hillery to develop personality types: caretaker, peacemaker, people pleaser, perfectionist, and high achiever

13:50 Stress builds and takes a toll. First insomnia, and then at age nine, Hillery developed hernias and shame

17:50 Off to law school, stress, symptoms, and medications mount, and Hillery develops a butterfly rash, swollen hands and painful joints

25:22 Hillery powers through what turns out to be a job mismatch, hides her symptoms, and develops feelings of shame

27:05 By her mid-forties, everything fell apart and she blamed herself for everything that went wrong

29:20 Hillery hits rock bottom and has a live or die moment

32:30 Hillery is saved by her dogs, Lucy and Ricky

35:02 The beginning of experimentation: walking, acupuncture, tapering meds, finding books…

38:20 How she hated and then loved 30-Day Food Vacation  

41:11 Hillery feels good again, stronger, and empowered

49:00 Hillery’s top recommendations for people dealing with autoimmune challenges


Resources Mentioned:

Hillery’s Healing Story: https://palmerkippola.com/healing-stories/hillery-beat-lupus/

30-Day Food Vacation: Beat Autoimmune 

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