Linda Clark, MA, CNC – Empower Yourself with the Elimination Diet

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ABOUT Linda Clark, MA, CNC

Linda Clark, MA, CNC, holistic health expert, educator and founder of Universal Wellness Associates in Sacramento, CA. Linda is an adjunct professor at John F. Kennedy University where she teaches numerous courses for the Holistic Health master’s program. 

 In this episode Linda shares her personal experience of reversing celiac disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and other autoimmune issues with food; and she shares lots of nuggets about the biggest autoimmune food triggers she’s seen in 18 years of working with clients.


“Vibrant health, vibrant life. You have to choose health every day.”

What's Inside:

02:00 Linda’s dramatic mindset shift about food

06:00 Linda’s backsliding story

07:33 The importance of internal determination for healing

09:20 The two most autoimmune reactive foods

13:30 The other top allergenic foods

24:40 The food challenge process

28:30 Why we become reactive to the foods we eat the most

34:40 What does vibrant health feel like?

Resources Mentioned:

Linda Clark’s website and resources:

Linda’s blog and videos:

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