Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald on How to Breathe Properly

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About Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, D.A.O.M., D.H.M., L.Ac., C.C.N.

Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald, D.A.O.M., D.H.M., L.Ac., C.C.N., has a Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and a Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine. She is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, as well as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. She is also a qigong instructor and breathing expert. In this interview she teaches us how to breathe properly so we can use this amazing, free resource we all have inside us to oxygenate, calm, heal, and thrive.


“We are remembering how to breathe properly and the body says thank you!”

What's Inside

03:24  Take a deep breath [exercise]

06:40  Junk breathing vs proper breathing

07:32  An easy way to get started breathing properly

10:46  We are “remembering” how to breathe

13:39  Perfect opp for practice: “preferred vs nonpreferred circumstances”

17:11  Start practicing NOW for best results

18:50  The path to healing: Creating an anatomy that allows for transformation and illumination

20:32  Adding breathing to a meditation practice

23:19  The importance of soft belly breathing for autoimmune regulation

24:35  “Wu wei” active non-doing allows for profound insights and non-judgment

26:10  Basic proper breathing tips

Resources Mentioned:

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