Christine Schaffner, ND – How to Love Your Lymph

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ABOUT dr. schaffner

Dr. Christine Schaffner is a naturopathic doctor who specializes in helping people recover from complex, chronic illness, with a combination of ancient wisdom and cutting edge biological, natural and energy medicine and treatments.


“This is one of the most overlooked systems in the body and one of the most rewarding to treat.”

What's Inside:

02:30 A primer on the lymphatic system

12:12 Who needs to tend to their lymphatic system?

13:30 The specific signs and symptoms of lymph stagnation – from brain fog to gut issues to pain (who knew?!)

18:42 How scar tissue can create a blockage and how you can resolve it

23:15 What is blocking our lymph flow?

28:30 How glyphosate may harm the communication networks in our body and contribute to collagen based autoimmune conditions

31:20 What can we do to improve lymph flow? (Take notes – it’s a long list!)

40:17 What is the glymphatic system and how can we improve glymph flow? Another shout out to melatonin, which is not just for sleep!

46:20 Simple techniques to ground our energy to get into the parasympathetic state, improve circulation, and lymph flow.

Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Schaffner’s website:

Dr. Schaffner’s podcast: Spectrum of Health

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