Overcome Autoimmune on Ann Louise Gittleman Podcast


    I was thrilled to be invited by one of my all-time health heroes, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD to be a guest on her terrific The First Lady of Nutrition Podcast. Ann Louise is a nutritional visionary and health pioneer who has fearlessly stood on the front lines of diet and detox, the environment, women’s health, and longevity for four decades. She’s a NY Times bestselling author of 37 books (!!!) and has been recognized as one of the Top Ten Nutritionists in the country. 

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Why is there so much autoimmunity today
    • The most prevalent infections that underlie autoimmunity
    • My personal MS healing journey
    • The pivotal question that became my guiding light
    • A huge, hidden root cause: unhealed childhood trauma
    • Top environmental toxins that contribute to autoimmunity
    • The top root causes I see in my Functional Medicine practice
    • The concept of the toxin bucket and keeping it clean and clear
    • Which tests I recommend for healing
    • A summary of the top F.I.G.H.T.S.™ contributors
    • A key reframing of autoimmunity

    Here’s my [audio-only] interview with Ann Louise:

    Learn more about Ann Louise and her First Lady of Nutrition podcast.

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