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About Scott Forsgren

Scott Forsgren, is editor and founder of, a comprehensive website devoted to health and wellness, and the fantastic host of The BetterHealthGuy blogcast. Scott personally recovered from chronic Lyme disease, mold illness, plus a host of other confounding conditions. Today he is healthy and a leading voice of healing from complex illnesses like Lyme, mold, autism and autoimmune. He invited me on his show to discuss my MS healing journey and how we can reverse autoimmune conditions naturally.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What is autoimmunity and why is the immune system attacking our own tissue?
  • What are the big drivers of complex autoimmune conditions?
  • What is the toxin bucket and how are symptoms the result of an overflowing bucket?
  • What is epigenetics and why is it more important than genetics in health optimization?
  • What foods harm or support healing?
  • What is the role of infections in autoimmune conditions?
  • Should the focus be in killing the bug or on creating immune tolerance?
  • What tools can be helpful in supporting the microbiome and reducing intestinal hyperpermeability?
  • How do hormones fit into a healing protocol?
  • What is the role of environmental toxins in autoimmunity?
  • What can you do to lower the body burden of toxicity?
  • What role does stress play and how can we deal with loads of stress?
  • Is there a bigger message to be explored in autoimmune conditions?


  • For anyone dealing with Lyme or thinks they might, please consider these terrific books.
  • To find a Lyme-literate doctor, please check out the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society: Iliads.
  • For anyone proactively seeking to heal from any of the 150+ autoimmune conditions, including MS, RA, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, lupus, Crohn’s, celiac, etc., please join our vibrant, supportive community at Transcend Autoimmune.

P.S: Want my help reversing an autoimmune condition?

If you live in the continental U.S. and are ready, willing, and able to invest in your best health, I offer Functional Medicine Total Health Transformation Programs over Zoom in collaboration with a skilled naturopathic doctor (ND). Get on my calendar for a free 30-minute discovery call.




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Palmer is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach who has helped thousands of people reverse autoimmune conditions based on her own two-decade battle to successfully beat multiple sclerosis (MS). She’s the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Beat Autoimmune, which has a powerful foreword by Functional Medicine pioneer, Mark Hyman, MD.

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