Antony Haynes – Dynamic Muscle Training for Health and Longevity

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About Antony Haynes

Antony Haynes has been in private practice for over 28 years and is one of the most experienced Registered Nutritional Therapists and Functional Medicine practitioners in the UK, having seen over 18,000 clients. He’s a health educator, author, and expert in addressing infections that underlie autoimmunity. In today’s interview we discuss counteracting sarcopenia, age-related muscle decline in mass, strength, and function. Put more positively, we focus on the importance of dynamic muscle training, how you can test for sarcopenia, how much protein you really need (hint: it’s more than you are likely getting), and how to build daily habits to support a long, healthy life.  


“How many colors did you have on your plate today?”

What's Inside

03:43 How not to fulfill the prophecy of aging

06:24 The importance of small daily habits

06:54 Keep up the level of intensity to age well

07:58 Sarcopenia defined

11:14 What happens if you don’t exercise

14:58 The minimum stimulus to get stronger

24:00 Signs of sarcopenia

29:53 What you can to to avoid sarcopenia

36:16 How muscle training helps keep our brains young

37:15 How to eat for muscle growth and maintenance and healthy aging

46:30 The problems with carbohydrates

46:55 The importance of eating the rainbow of vegetables

48:46 How to improve hydration 

51:26 Exercise as moving meditation

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