Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., Gut Healing for Health and Longevity

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About Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D.

Ann Louise Gittleman is a nutritional visionary, author, and health pioneer who has fearlessly stood on the front lines of diet and detox, the environment, and women’s health for decades. She is always ahead of the curve and she busts prevailing myths about the underlying causes of weight gain, weight loss resistance, thyroid dysfunction, gallbladder disease, and autoimmunity. In this interview we discuss top imbalances driving gut dysfunction and autoimmune disorders and what you can do to heal.


“It’s a daily challenge to live in the 21st century; staying young and healthy in an increasingly toxic world is both a challenge and an opportunity to shine.”

What's Inside

02:54  What are the top gut related imbalances that ALG sees?

06:00  ALG’s take on parasites, the most toxic drivers of autoimmunity

11:00  What are the signs and symptoms of a yeast problem?

11:35  What ALG eats to avoid yeast and mycotoxins

12:25  What’s the best fat to get the toxins out?

18:26  What’s happening with GERD and acid tummy and what can we do?

21:21  What you can eat and take to love your liver

25:45  ALG’s perspective on probiotics

27:30  What stress does to our guts and when to take HCL and pepsin

29:27  What about SIBO and what are the root causes?

31:35  What’s inside Radical Longevity

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