Accelerate Healing and Alleviate Autoimmune Symptoms with Essential Oils – With Jodi Cohen

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About Jodi Cohen

Jodi Cohen is an award-winning journalist, bestselling author, and nutritional therapy practitioner. She is the founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, an essential oils company dedicated to helping people rebalance their health naturally.

Jodi shares her extensive knowledge about the human body and the powerful role essential oils can play in enhancing the function of our organs and systems. Discover how pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants, learn which essential oils can address specific health issues, and find out how to use these oils as a valuable tool on your autoimmune healing journey. Whether you’re looking to speed up your healing process or reduce symptoms, this episode is packed with practical insights and tips.


“You cannot heal when you’re in fight or flight, you really need to be in parasympathetic rest and digest.

What's Inside:

01:50 Jodi’s story and how she went from a background in journalism to creating an essential oils company for healing

09:59 Why “essential oils”? What makes oils essential?

12:20 The difference between herbal blends and single herb uses

15:30 How essential oils can support autoimmune healing

22:25 How to best use essential oils for sleep support 

28:49 Essential oils for gut healing 

32:08 Essential oils for infections, oral health, brain health, lymphatic drainage, and thyroid conditions such as Hashimoto’s

39:20 Symptoms of a congested lymph and what you can do move it

42:30 Addressing fatigue, brain fog, body aches, joint pain, and increasing performance optimization 

47:05 A day of self-care for Jodi and how she incorporates essential oils into her everyday life

48:04 Final words of empowerment from Jodi in regards to your healing and essential oil journey

Resources Mentioned:

Jodi’s Essential Oil Company Vibrant Blue Oils

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More information about the vagus nerve and free bonus chapter: 

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