Wherever you are on the healing journey — newly diagnosed, a veteran on the path or just wanting to prevent chronic disease — we are so glad you are here!

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Our mission is to share information, inspiration and motivation to assist you in healing and preventing autoimmune conditions. Here are some tools to help you get the knowledge and support you need, take the right actions, and achieve the outcomes you desire:

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Understand the autoimmune equation.  Hint: it’s all about root causes and your gut.

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    Educate Yourself

    Healing is a holistic adventure of mind, body and spirit. Our blog posts are steeped in both science and personal experience. We aim to simplify the often complex information and offer steps you can take right away.

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    Get Inspired

    We love sharing healing stories. Many people have overcome an autoimmune diagnosis, and many are finding success along the healing path. Learn from people who have made, or are making, the journey back to vibrant health. Do you have a story to share?

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    Download the Beat Autoimmune Manifesto

    This is our simple, yet powerful, condensed list of healing practices.

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    Hire a Coach

    I’ve dealt with a chronic autoimmune condition, and I’m now back to a full, vibrant life. My mission is to help you recover your health and vitality. I offer online Skype sessions and meet you wherever you are on the healing path.

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    Check out the books, magazines and videos we love. And, find a functional medicine or naturopathic doctor by zip code.

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Take heart — hope is real and healing is truly possible! The science shows us how and our personal stories confirm it. Put yourself first, keep learning, and embrace the lifestyle habits that lead to good gene expression and vibrant health.

Take good care!


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