A positive, supportive community of people proactively seeking to reverse or prevent autoimmune conditions naturally, following holistic and Functional Medicine principles.

Our Goal

Our goal for this community is for members to have a meaningful exchange on their path toward optimal health and vitality. And, of course we seek to transcend our diagnoses and thrive!

Who is it for?

No matter where you are on your healing journey: novice, veteran or somewhere in between, and no matter the autoimmune condition you seek to reverse or prevent, you are warmly welcomed here!

Root Causes

Areas of focus to include the primary 6 autoimmune root causes and their respective natural solutions: food, infections, gut health, hormone balance, toxins and stress.


This is a place to share ideas and viewpoints, so ask questions, answer questions, and share things that have worked for you. We love healing stories!


Our group is led by Palmer Kippola, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, who reversed her MS in 2010, and is passionate about educating, empowering, and motivating others to reverse and prevent autoimmune conditions.

Join other “Transcenders” in our community!

Transcend Autoimmune is a safe, private, open and respectful Facebook Group full of people from all walks of life who are on a healing journey to reverse and prevent autoimmune conditions, naturally!

Food Bowl

What's the best diet to beat autoimmune? The one that works for YOU.

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