Share Your Story

How to Share Your Story

Thanks for letting me share your story! People love stories of transformation, however brief. Try to keep your video to a couple minutes, look straight into the camera and simply talk about things like you’re talking to a friend, like this:

  • Say your first name and where you live.
  • Tell the story of your health journey. Some questions to reflect on:
    • How were you feeling before we started working together?
    • What specifically did you do to address your root causes?
    • And now how are you feeling? 
  • Talk about how your life has improved by following Palmer’s and Dr. Pedro or Dr. Rothmans’ guidance.
A few tips:
  • Your story is actually better when NOT scripted. Simply look at the camera – and start talking about your health and life before and after.
  • If you make a mistake or stumble, that’s perfectly fine. I may edit these videos for clarity and trim to an appropriate length, but we will keep your story intact.
  • Have the light shining on your face, not behind you.
  • Make sure your audio is turned on 😉

Not ready to record your story right now? Want some help making your video the best that it can be? Prefer to write it instead of doing video? Just contact me here and let me know you want some help sharing your story!

With love and gratitude for YOU,

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