Coaching Services

60-Minute Consult

  • Get some guidance
  • Gain more clarity
  • Gain confidence
  • Access healing resources

Fast F.I.G.H.T.S.™ Coronavirus Coaching

  • Understand the threat specific to YOU
  • Get a plan in place fast
  • Know which actions to prioritize
  • Get your your immune system in fighting shape

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Consulting

  • Get the data on potential root causes (e.g. infections, toxicants, hormone imbalances, etc.)
  • Benefit from two holistic health experts reviewing your existing labs
  • Get a comprehensive holistic treatment plan that includes natural, effective supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • Consider potential Functional Medicine Coaching to help you implement the holistic treatment plan

Beat Autoimmune Reset

  • Gain greater clarity about your health, mind-body-spirit
  • Dig deeply into your personal root causes
  • Address the four critical pillars of health
  • Be supported compassionately throughout your healing journey
  • Heal your gut, restore balance, reclaim your life!
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