You can

Beat Autoimmune!

If you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition or have frustrating symptoms like aches and pains, brain fog, hair loss, and/or profound fatigue, take heart. Hope is real. Complete healing is possible. You can do it. I can help.

You can

Beat Autoimmune!

I’m Palmer Kippola, Functional Medicine Health Coach. I beat MS, wrote the bestselling book, Beat Autoimmune, and I can help you reverse any of the 150+ autoimmune conditions. If you’re ready, willing and able to discover your personal root causes and address them head on, you’re in the right place!

You can

Beat Autoimmune!

I’m Palmer Kippola, Functional Medicine Health Coach. I beat MS, wrote the bestselling book, Beat Autoimmune, and I can help you reverse any of the 150+ autoimmune conditions. If you’re ready, willing and able to discover your personal root causes and address them head on, you’re in the right place!

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Hi, I’m Palmer!

When I was 19 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). For over two decades specialists told me that all I could do was “take medication” and “get ready for life in a wheelchair.” They were wrong. I educated myself and sought solutions until I found my root causes, healed my gut, and finally reversed the MS for good.

In my bestselling book, Beat Autoimmune (foreword by Functional Medicine pioneer, Mark Hyman, MD), I distill 3 decades of experience, research, and client successes into a framework called F.I.G.H.T.S.™ for Food, Infections, Gut health, Hormone balance, Toxins, and Stress.

Are you ready, willing, and able to reclaim your health and live your best life? I offer comprehensive Functional Medicine Total Health Transformation Programs in collaboration with a naturopathic physician (ND) for people who live in the U.S.

Work with me!

Functional Medicine Health Transformation Programs

  • Ready, willing, and able to reverse your autoimmune condition(s)?
  • Get competent, collaborative, comprehensive, and caring guidance
  • Gain clarity and a custom treatment plan to address your root causes
  • Reclaim your health and your life, mind, body, and spirit!
Functional Medicine Coaching Testimonials

Working with Palmer changed my life. I was diagnosed with MS on Nov 1, 2016 and had the good fortune to begin working with her that same week. By following Palmer’s advice, I started to heal by removing inflammatory foods and by following a Paleo template diet. Within weeks, my MS symptoms subsided, and I felt ready to address stress and childhood traumas that had been plaguing me for decades. Today, I am completely free of MS and my family and friends view me as a role model for health and wellbeing. Palmer’s coaching and her F.I.G.H.T.S.™ framework changed my and my family’s lives, and I have every reason to believe it will change yours too.”

April Saenz
Executive assistant, wife, mother of two, former MS sufferer

“Before working with Palmer, I had trouble just getting through the day. I had tummy pain and IBS-symptoms so bad I could barely leave the house. I was so tired I would frequently fall asleep at work, and I didn’t have the energy to exercise. My hormones were so out of whack I had debilitating monthly cycles and extra weight that wouldn’t budge. By following Palmer’s anti-inflammatory food plan, taking targeted supplements, and detoxing slowly, I was able to heal my gut and reverse all symptoms of celiac disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Now I’m running 5Ks with my daughter and enjoying life instead of dreading it. If I can beat autoimmune, you can too!

Wendy M.

“I don’t know where I’d be without Palmer’s help. I didn’t know that it was even possible to reverse my lupus, Sjøgren’s, Raynaud’s and Hashimoto’s. I don’t think I would have taken the radical step of changing my lifestyle and taking responsibility for my health outcomes. I am now completely free of autoimmunity and joint pain, tapering off meds, and running again! Even better, I’m ALIVE and fully present for my sons!”

Hillery N.

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Beat Autoimmune Academy

A transformational online program and caring community of people who are committed to reversing autoimmunity and thriving again. With my step-by-step guidance along a clear success path, you’ll be well on your way to reclaiming your very best life. Join the waitlist now and be the first to know when the doors are open.

This online course includes:

  • A roadmap to optimal health

  • Exclusive content like interviews with autoimmune experts

  • Mini doable lessons

  • Live Q&As with me

  • Group challenges for motivation and habit formation

  • A vibrant, committed, and super supportive Facebook community

Getting well and staying well is more simple, cost-effective and fun than you may have ever imagined!

Empower Yourself!

This comprehensive book is the first to explore all six of the critical lifestyle factors that are the root causes of autoimmune conditions – and the sources of regaining health: Food, Infections, Gut health, Hormone balance, Toxins and Stress — F.I.G.H.T.S.™

With a powerful foreword by Mark Hyman, MD, Functional Medicine pioneer & 11-time NY Times bestselling author

Book Testimonials

“Palmer Kippola not only raises our awareness of the important mechanisms underlying the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases worldwide, but in addition, Beat Autoimmune is wonderfully prescriptive, providing the reader with a powerful action plan to reverse and even prevent these issues.”

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN
New York Times #1 bestseller, Grain Brain and Brain Maker

“It’s time for a root cause revolution! Beat Autoimmune is a fantastic field guide for anyone seeking real solutions to this modern-day epidemic. Palmer Kippola simplifies the steps to health so you can beat autoimmune and thrive.”

Frank Lipman, MD
New York Times best-selling author of How to Be Well

“Now is the time to take back your health! Autoimmune conditions are reversible, but you need to address root causes head on. Palmer Kippola used to have MS and now she’s on a mission to help anyone who is eager to reverse or prevent any autoimmune condition. Beat Autoimmune is an empowering and actionable guidebook that simplifies the steps back to health. Highly recommended!”

Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Hashimoto’s Protocol

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